Inis - sionnaigh is an island located 37.34 miles northwest of Ostan bay (Donegal) The island has remained uninhabited since most of the islanders died in the late 1850's due to the great starvation. It is believed that over 50 people died in just less than one year. The Island is home to many types of Flora and Fauna, and it is used as a stop - over for migrating sea birds flying to America and Newfoundland.

Legal status: Research

Inis - sionnaigh is located 37.34 miles off the Irish coast meaning that the Irish government have no legal obligation to claim it from the descendants of the last remaining family, to inhabit the island, due to it being located in international waters. It is believed as of the year 1999 that one of the descendants known locally as Joseph McCole originally from Scotland has inhabited the Island on a regular basis in order to maintain the cottage located on the South Coast of the Island. The Irish Government declared it a Nature preserve In 1965.

Geography of Inis - sionnaigh:

Inis - sionnaigh is geographically unique due to the fact that the Island can sustain woodland. This is unusual due to the North Atlantics strong winds which prevent trees growing on most other islands in the area. The only reason Inis - sionnaigh has such a wide range of plant life, is because these areas are surrounded by hills which acts as a barrier between the forces of the weather. The Island is fairly large, it would take one around four hours to walk around the coastline of the Island; however it only takes around 1.5 hours to travel east to west. There is a pond located just north of the cottage and there are also several springs which are located around various parts of the island.

To the north of the Island there are the remains of the cottages in which the original islandes lived and their resting place is located one - hundred yards from the village.


Two weeks ago the Island was hit by a freak wave, which was caused by a tidal surge. The wave swept in 0.5 of a mile causing damage to seventeen trees and killing three foxes. Minor damage also occured to Mr Joseph McColes cottage but he was in scotland visiting family at the time. Our team was sent out to survey the damage caused by the wave and base a report on it for the ownwers insurance company. It is predicted that around 2,500 - 3,000 euros will be put aside for repairs. For Some Images of the Island taken by our photographer please look at the next blog.